Holiday Gift Sets Under $20

Giving presents is no doubt an age-old tradition that people follow with much joy and enthusiasm. With Christmas approaching, there is also a long list of things to be done, and one of the major worries is with buying number of gifts. There are so many to buy for all the loved ones and with a stricter budget it becomes a real task to find something that is economical yet genuinely classy. Understanding this, we have brought an exclusive collection of holiday gift sets under $20, and trust me they would all be much to your liking and taste. Some of them are

Embossed Veni Vidi Vici Journal – Lined, 5×7″A beautiful writing pad with heavy stock papers that are acid free and are a joy to write on. This embossed “Veni Vidi Vici” journal is a classic item that will suit anyone when they carry it, especially a professional. A fine Leather Journal Diary, that so easily fits into your pocket, bag or even purse. This is most definitely a superb gift under $20 that makes this unique item even more attractive.

Embossed Baroque Journal – Lined Pages, 6″ x 8″ – A lovely leather embossed Fleur-de -lis diary that has a bright and radiant look about it and will look great when you carry it. At $14.95 only, this item is a steal this season. A perfect gift under $20.

Green Embossed Floral Leather Journal Diary, Lined, 6×8″- A very soft and smooth faux leather journal that has an amazing beauty to it. The green color of the diary is so lively and refreshing and the flower embossed in the middle of the cover makes it look very girlie and pretty. You get a wonderful acid free pages that are great to write on. A classic example of beautiful handmade craftsmanship. A great gift under $20.

Swirl 4×6 Picture Frame; Gift Boxed- This beautiful silver plated swirl picture frame is a perfect gift for this Christmas. It exhibits an awesome sterling beauty and yet is so moderately priced. The craftsmanship is meticuluos that has gone into making of this fine item. You can keep your cherished memories captured in this and making them look even more beautiful and close to heart all the time. A gift under $20, this swirl frame is a classic buy for this season.

All the above gifts are wonderfully designed and have really smooth finish and touch. These gifts are actually a treat in itself and yet cost so reasonable that it is a treat to your budget as well. Just shop online for holiday gift sets and order for your favourite ones before the stock runs out!

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